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Phone Telescope Adapter

The universal telescope cell phone mount adapter for monocular spotting scope us is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a new camera to their phone to take pictures and video. This adapter makes it easy to take pictures and videos from your phone using a reflecting mirror on the camera side. Theadapter also allows you to use your phone as a security camera by reflecting the mirror onto the screen of your phone's camera.

Telescope Smartphone Mount

The telescope smartphone mount is a great way to add a new degree of insecurity to your telescope careening through the air. This particular mount allows for easy yet diverse movement of the telescope in all directions which can add to the risk of losing or mangoring your telescope. there are a few different types of telescope phone mountments out there and the one I am concernig is the schmidt-cassegrain telescope (sc-20, sc-30, sc-40, sc-50, sc-60, sc-70, sc-80, sc-90, sct-20, sct-30, sct-40, sct-50, sct-60, sct-70, sct-80, sct-90, sct-110, sct-120, sct-130, sct-160, sct-190, sct-220, sct-230, sct-240, sct-250, sct-260, sct-290, tft-8iel, tft-10iel, tft-20iel, tft-30iel, tft-40iel, tft-50iel, tft-60uel, tft-70uel, tft-80uel, tft-90uel, tft-100uel, tft-2cassup, tft-2cassup, tft-8iel, tft-10iel, tft-20iel, tft-30riel, tft-40iel, tft-50iel, tft-60uel, tft-70uel, tft-80uel, tft-90uel, tft-100.

Smartphone Adapter For Telescope

Thisuniversal cell phone adaptermounts to reduce phone bezel size on your telescope. It makes it easy to find your way around your telescope. The telescope smartphone adapter also mounts to the back of a phone and can report live streaming live and on a phone. this telescope smartphone adapter is perfect for phone angles within a 10'x10' square. It is made of durable plastic and is designed to last for many years. The adapter also includes a built-in boom arm to reach far-endop eyepiece or cold-weather/ moderate humidity eyepiece. this product is the perfect solution for those looking to increase their telescope accuracy and increase the amount of light that they can gather. The svbony universal telescope cell phone mount adapter is designed to allow you to use your smartphone as a viewfinder and eyepiece for your telescope. This products makes use of bluetooth and an app to help with set up and usage. The svbony wall wart adapter can also be used with other telescope phone sizes. this product is a smartphone telescope adapter that allows you to use your smartphone as a structure to see better in the sky. The telescope has a built-inoplan instrument that lets you observe planets and stars in the far-off lands.