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Smartphone Telescope

The new 525x telescope is the perfect microscope for star observation! With its full 57 tripods, it provides an excellent view into the lunar and lunar systems. The smartphonemount allows you to use your phone as a display, camera and eyepiece all in one product!

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Smartphone Telescope Walmart

This is a quick smart phone holder that you can use to view the results of your telescope from your smartphone. The holder has a 12x55% technology magnification which is perfect for a smart phone. the pankoo 40x60 amulet telescope is perfect for when you need to see something up close and personal. It has a comfortable, stylish design with a hard anodized aluminum body. The telescope is made with a high-quality glass lens and is easy to set up with its small, lightweight body. The pankoo telescope is perfect for hiking concerts, travelling, or any other time where you need to see something up close. this sturdy smartphone telescope is perfect for small or large gardens and businesses with its 12x50mm laminated mirror and durable tripod leg. The prism compact monocu. Has a sleek, modern design that is perfect telescopesguide. Biz use and isty indoors. Thetelescope also includes a smart tripod holder for easy set up and use. this zoom monocular has an 8-22x50 nicolet lens for precision zooming. It is perfect for using your smartphone as a viewfinder for photography or for documentedrca photography. The zooming feature doesn’t end there, this phone telescope has a heavy-duty construction with a water resistant sheath, making it perfect for use in all types of weather. Plus, the 30-meter range is just what you need tojustice and peace with the stars!