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Telescoping Fishing Rod

This professional carbon fiber telescopic fishing rod is the perfect tool for spreader fishing, swimming, and other tenacious conditions. With it's durable construction and spin-spin-spin movement, this rod is perfect for those looking for an extra-large home fishing spot. Plus, the telescopic design allows for easy transport and storage.

Telescoping Fishing Rods

I’ve been fishing for fish lately and have come to really enjoy the process! I have a lot of different fishing rods and tools available to me, but I have to say that the telescoping fishing rod is my favorite. telescoping is an important feature for fish hunting and when using a telescoping rod it can make all the difference. By using a telescoping rod you can reach into tight spaces and grab your fish with more movement and accuracy. if you are using a telescoping rod then it is important to learn about the what it is and how it works. Telescoping is the change in position of the head of an electricfish following a strike. This increase in position gives the fish more space to move and action. A telescoping rod can reach up to 25% more reach than a 16" rod. This increase in reach can be helpful when hunting by adding an extra reach to your hunt. telescoping fishing rods are available on a range of prices so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. If you are looking for a new rod make sure to check out our top picks.

Telescopic Rod

The telescopic fishing rod is the perfect tool forrahim staggers and strength. With its telescopic design it makes it perfect for hangman challenges or making up power lines. The floating reel kit includes both a the new telescopic fishing rod from 2. 1m is perfect foryacht and boat adventures. With its lightweight carbon fiber design, the rod is perfect for handleers looking to move around the boat with ease. Plus, the sea spinning feature gives you the ability to spinning to different markets in an instant. this telescopic fishing pole is made of usa carbon fiber and is made for the professional fishing community. It is perfect for saltwater fishing or portable spinning. The fishing pole is also lightweight and easy to carry around. this telescoping fishing rod and reel is a great addition to your fishing arsenal. With different colors and styles to choose from, this reel is perfect for any occasion. The spinning fish body provides a sturdy hold on your fish, while the carbon fiber pole provides a fun playmat for your fish.