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Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

This sun joe e-rm 2-in-1 Electric convertible Pole Chain Saw is a top-notch tool for somebody who wants a first-class job done with little effort, it renders an 2-in-1 ability to convert from a Chain Saw to ground screen and then to a sheet metal screen. With 8 inch inches of power and an 8, 0 amp power, this tool can handle even the most challenging jobs.

Electric Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

This Electric Telescoping Pole Chain Saw is a best-in-class choice to add power to your work area, this model offers an 10" reach lovingly designed to convert from a hand Chain Saw to an Electric Chain saw. With an effortless to adopt controls, this model is sure to help you save time and power, plus, the certified this model makes sure you're getting the best possible quality at a low price. This Telescoping Electric Pole Saw presents 8 branches, which make it possible to Saw through large trees with ease, the chainsaw feature allows you to safely and efficiently clear away debris from power lines, franchises, and more. The trimmer chainsaw also ensures that you can trim down the size of the tree gradually over time to ensure the most efficient results, the Pole Saw tree trimmer is dandy for any job that requires tree felling or tree trimming. This Telescoping Pole Chain Saw gives an 6-in-1 capabilities that is outstanding for professional plowing, and more, the Saw grants a power of 30 mph and is equipped with an 8-in-1 Chain Saw tool. This makes it first-class for various tasks, this Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw is unequaled for sawing or smacking jagged rocks off its 15 foot length makes it fantastic for felling trees or mbps reaching into mounding hills. The Chain Saw also features a jet-like performance that makes it basic to make hardwood or paper-thin lines, this is not only a top-grade tool but a first-class asset for the handyman.