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Telescopic Trolling Rods

This telescoping trolling rod is perfect for trolling, casting or for use in a powerfishing or fly fishing project. It is made from abu garcia altum medium light materials. It has a light weight and good performance.

Telescopic Trolling Rod

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Telescoping Trolling Rods

Telescoping trolling rods are a great way to keep your fishing alive by telescoping the body of the rod over your line. This allows you to fishing from below the water's surface. The 7-10 medium-sized action telescoping rod is perfect for action fishing, with a heavy adult weight that is perfect for logging. The 1 piece metal structure makes it easy to handle and keep in place, while the eight metal jigs options make it easy to place and take fish back to the water. the shakespeare wild series offers the best inteligent telescoping trolling rods with heavy-dutybucktail end. These models are perfect for following fish or easily taking off when challenge is given. The 8-6 medium-action telescoping trolling rods are perfect for both legal and commercial fishing. the telescopic trolling rods are a great addition to your fishing. They are versatile, easy to use and can be designed to provide the perfect trolling rate for your water. With their unique design, these rods make selling them to someone else very easy. the lews speed stick walleye series 86 medium telescoping planer board rod is a great tool for telescoping predators such as leveson or troll. It allows you to telerate your hunt from a great height and is perfect for hunting from a long distance.