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Black Widow Telescopic Fishing Pole

This telescopic fishing pole is perfect for cutting off large sea bass and other small fish. It has a 10-foot reach and is made of durable materials. The black widow designation means that this pole is specifically designed to-tack and protect.

Black Widow Telescopic Fishing Pole Target

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Best Black Widow Telescopic Fishing Pole

This telescopic fishing pole is the perfect way to get up close and personal with your favorite crappie. With its five 6-section views, the bm bw6 is perfect for crappie fans and more. This pole is also easy to set up and is 12" long with a 3" ground ball. Not to mention, it telescopicizes to form a great 10" reach for your fishing. the black widow telescopic fishing pole is perfect for fishing with or without a line. This pole is sure to help you reach the bottom! the bnm black widow is a telescoping fishing pole that makes a great pole for those looking for apole for telescoping contentiously with other consumers. The black widow has a adjustable factor of 3 that makes it perfect for a variety of fishing situations. It is also compatibility with a variety of fishing dishes, making it a versatile tool for any angler. the black widow is a telescopic fishing pole that can be used in a number of different ways. The telescopic design makes it perfect for holding onto, or using as a fishing pole. The black widow has a 13 ft length of path that makes it perfect for fishing from shorelines or docks. The bw4 bm black widow is made in the usa.