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Antique Telescopes

This telescopes is in excellent condition with no damage that I can see. This comes with a nice, new box and cover. The telescope is made of brass and has a nice, new box. This one is the perfect addition to your old telescope!

Antique Maritime Telescope

If you're looking to buy an antique maritime telescope, there are a few things to consider. The first option is price. It can be expensive to buy an antique telescope, but the more money you put towards the purchase, the better. the second option is features. If you're looking for an antique telescope that can offer you great performance, then go for the expensive option. However, if you're looking for an antique telescope that is both unique and functional, then the cheaper option is a good option. the final option is performance. Then the better the resolution, the more you'll cost you. all in all, there are many options to consider when purchasing an antique maritime telescope. The important thing is that you have a quality option that can offer your needs a fix.

Vintage Nautical Telescope

This vintage telescope has an antique brass lens and a marine neptune neptune’s pendant. It is complete and in great condition. this vintage spyglass is amonocular nautical antique brass binocular telescope. It is made of alloy-free brass and has a d-shape mirror. It is about 12" h by 15" w and is covered in dust and wear. The mirror is in good condition. It is still very serviceable for its age. this is a beautiful antique brass telescope. This telescope was used as a marine nautical telescope for a pirate group. The leather is still there and is feeling very soft and fresh. The glass is in excellent condition and has some light foxing. The lens is also in excellent condition. This telescope is a great gift for a maritime enthusiast or anyone who loves the sea. this nautical vintage antique decorative solid brass telescope w wooden gift tripod is a great addition to your maritime or vintage-themed home or office. The telescope has been treated to recent vintage decorative solid brass treatment and is now equipped with a sturdy wooden tripod. This vessel was used to view the sun, moon, and other celestial objects from the deck or kindred ship. Now enjoy your solar and lunar objects with just a little bit more accuracy!