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Vivitar 50x/100x Refractor Telescope

This vivitar telescope is a beautiful 50x100x refractor telescope with a tripod. It features a wset ti-series mirror and a cooke k-profile mirror. It is perfect forn new owners who want to get a great telescopic view. The vivitar telescope also has a perfect seeing surface with an asian culture.

Vivitar Refractor Telescope 50x 100x

If you're looking for a high-quality, budget-friendly refractor telescope to use with your live-viewing telescope program, the vivitar 50x100x50mm is a great option. This telescope has a 100x50mm medium tele lens with a quadrupling of lens performance. The 50x100mm is vivitar's smallest and most affordable refractor telescope, so it's perfect for those who are just starting out. This telescope has great performance for live viewing with its ability to reach 50 degrees of view. It's also water resistant for use in kleve and other wet environments.

50x Telescope

This vivitar 50x100x refractor telescope with tripod lens cap is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality telescope. It features a vivitar lens cap with a 100x magnification rating. The telescope also has a tripod lens cap that lets you use your dslr camera as a lens cap. this vivitar 50x100x refractor telescope is a top of the line tool for those looking for a top quality tool with a high precision. This tool is made with a high quality 10x f/4. 9 reflector telescope camera. The vivitar 50x100x refractor telescope comes with a tripod, plus a 3x finder scope. It is new in the box. this vivitar 50x100x refractor student telescope is a great way to learn about photography and see what it looks like from a distance. The telescope has aaktive g-codes that give you great control over focus, age and power. The 50x100x refractor is an excellent choice for students or family activities. It has a 50x 100x lens with a 3x focuser, making it perfect for medium to high end telescopes. The prismatic design ensures even light distribution, while the k-type light meter ensures clear images. The telescope is also equipped with a tripod, making it perfect for astrophotography.