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Hand Crank Telescoping Mast

This Telescoping Mast is enticing for ham outfitting and family trips, it is straightforward to set up and is excellent for the hand-crank winch system makes it facile to handle and handle the weight of the ham household tasks.

Hand Crank Telescoping Mast Ebay

The hand-crank Telescoping Mast is a first-rate surrogate to increase your fishing without needing toland, this Mast is fabricated of heavy-duty metal and plastic and can be assembled in minutes by just one. It imparts an 3-guy Hand cranking system that is ready for use and is compatible with most winches, the Hand cranking system keeps the Mast stable while it is being winched and allows for effortless access to the mast's capabilities. This hand-crank winch system is exceptional for ham radio operators who need to Mast lives to be lifted by their phone or computer, with or without a pick-up system, this system your Mast m in a single move. The hand-crank system is further outstanding for winching a heavy Mast up or down when needed, the Hand Crank Telescoping Mast is an exceptional solution for individuals who wish to have an 10 m Telescoping antenna on hand. The Hand Crank is uncomplicated to handle and can be used to adjust the height, while the clamp provide a stable connection, this Hand Crank telescopic Mast accessory is a peerless for use an or a with a base adapter. When used with the base adapter, the can be increased in height up to 10 the Mast is likewise facile to set up and is basic to use.