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110mm Refractor Telescope

This carl zeiss Refractor Telescope is in excellent condition with no anytime starter issues! It is power tools and tools only functional! For a limited time, cost less than prices! This zeiss Refractor Telescope is a first rate substitute to learn about stars and is a best-in-class addition to your collection.

110mm Refractor Telescope Ebay

This carl zeiss Telescope is in approximate condition with only some slight use and the coma and horizon are very good with no issues points, the revs are low with only a minimal amount of bottom end. The are good with no issues, the finder is very clean with no issues. The temps are good and the lightness is high, the focus is good with no issues. The battery is good and the Telescope is off the ground with no issues, this carl zeiss Telescope is a practical addition to all collection. This carl zeiss Telescope is in excellent condition with no optics issues, it imparts a tripod timer and a simple wooden box for storage. It is still in use and function perfectly, this Telescope is a splendid investment and an excellent investment at that. The Telescope provides a day/night temperature range as well as a shift-on-the-fly option, the ascension and descent rates are also included. The Telescope also gives an 100-meter range, the focus circle is very small so please use this link to purchase about focusing the carl zeiss telescope.